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Fix It and Forget it Cookbook

The book has already sold more than 5 million copies! I know why! It has some wonderful recipes in it! Let me tell you , I love my crockpot. I love cooking. One of my favorite recipes is the Crockpot BBQ and the Corned Beef and Hash. I tried the chocolate cake recipe, but it did not turn out so well. Yeah I had no clue you could make some sweet treats in a crockpot either! This is an updated version of this book. It has some new great features! 4 pages of basic and very helpful extra information

“Substitute Ingredients for When You’re in a Pinch”

“Equivalent Measurements”

“Kitchen Tools and Equipment You May Have Overlooked”

“Assumptions about Ingredients inĀ Fix-It and Forget-It Cookbook, Revised and Updated

pub date: 2010-05-01 | paperback | 9781561486854

Thxs to FSb, I got my very own copy ! This one will be sitting in my recipe stand for a long time!

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