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Do You Need A Wrinkle Cure?

Do you need a wrinkle cure? Do you want to learn how to  treat adult acne? I know I do and I am so excited to finally try a Perricone product.

I am not 100% sure what I want to try yet, but I have my eye on the Cold Plasma or the facelift in a bottle! The whole store is filled with goodies that will help with aging and acne and best of all it does not come in a syringe injected in my face!

Check out their blog and Dr. Perricone gives the best recipes to keep you healthy and young.

So, Here is your chance to try a goodie from the website! One lucky ready will get to choose a product that is valued at 150.00 or less!


1.Comment and share which Perricone product valued at $150 or less you want or need and why. This is required and if left out will disqualify you.

2. Add my blog button on your website +5

3. join my Google connect or Networked blogs +1

4. Write a blog post about this contest +5

In honor of my birthday, this contest will close on Oct 31!

This is open for US and Canadian’s only.

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