I am a free spirited  mother and wife. I love to spend time with my children and garden. I am an avid book reader, usually reading 3 to 5 books at a time and a week. I enjoy all kind of movies , especially the SyFy ones, and an occasional teary one. I will seriously read almost anything you give to me and I look forward to my National Geographic and Wired Magazine every month.

I have three wonderful children who have helped me learn what the true meaning of patience is. They have also taught me why some mammals eat their young or..err.. want to.


The geeky mom side of me enjoys software,music,writing, torrents, computers, modding consoles, and almost anything IT related. (thanks to the mother who threatened my very life existence if I broke her computer when I was 19, Also to my father who made me fetch all the screwdrivers, and tools while he was working on his car or an broken electronic. Oh yeah, that science kit when I was little that made bubbles explode in my bedroom was cool too. Thank you both for collaborating on the wild trip of a life I am on. Thanks to the hubby for putting up with it:)

These reviews are my own opinions and my own views on things. This blog may earn revenue from  from advertising products and services.I do this for fun and to share my views on products, books, gadgets, toys and almost anything. Enjoy my site! Warning.. I have slight humor. I do have a severe case of ADD and OCD, seriously… look..o0o00OHHH shiny…


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