DIY Scented Body Wash

Scented body wash is a fun way to wake up your senses in the morning or calm them down at night. Scented body wash can provide valuable nourishment to your skin, if it contains the right ingredients. Try making this easy DIY Body Wash with essential oils! Your whole family will love it!



8 ounce glass pump bottle

1/2 cup unscented Castile soap

4 tablespoons vegetable glycerin

3 tablespoons doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil

10 drops of your favorite essential oil (Mine is citrus bliss)

Note: You can find vegetable glycerin at most health food stores. Vegetable glycerin will help the body wash be thicker, creamier, and lather better.



  1. Combine ingredients into glass pump bottle.
  2. Add desired essential oil(s).
    Tip: For an uplifting body wash try these essential oils: Citrus Bliss®, Peppermint, Grapefruit, Lime, or Eucalyptus. For a relaxing body wash try these: Lavender, Serenity®, Bergamot, Geranium, or Roman Chamomile.
  3. Shake to combine. You’re done! Make sure to shake before each use, as the ingredients will separate.
_for more information about Doterra and wanting to check out the products,
– See more at:

Rimable Drop-through Longboard

My kids are addicted to this long board.  My 18 year old will be taking this to college to get back and forth around campus. My 9 year old and 5 year old have all learned how to ride it. My kids constantly fight over this! I will be getting the girls one each for Christmas or their birthdays, we have not decided yet. The only reason why the 18 year old got it, because it does not need to be registered on college campus like bikes do. He needs a way around his long campus.

I have not been brave enough to try it yet, but mainly because I am clumsy. I was never able to ride a regular skateboard anyway. However, the kids told me this is much easier than a skateboard. The wheels are adjustable. So you can adjust this long board, any way you prefer.

This Drop-Through Long board is the perfect choice for anyone wanting all the benefits of a standard drop through but with a tighter turning radius.
Whether you’re weaving through people or cones this little carver will definitely do the trick.
With its low deck height for easy pushing, 9.5″ wide deck for powering through turns and 70mm PU wheels for a cadillac smooth ride and ultra low rolling resistance the 41″ Drop Through Longboard is a hard-to-beat all-rounder.
The Drop-Through Longboard with Maximum stability makes this a great choice for downhilling,
while its ease of pushing is perfect for long distance riding or just kicking around town/campus.


Thanks to Rimable for letting try this out!

Here are the official specs:



  • 41X9.5 Inch Popular Size
  • Drop Through 7inch 180 ALUMINIUM TRUCK
  • ABEC-9 with high-speed lubricant


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Awesome Scale


I was lucky enough to review this bathroom scale. It is not just a bathroom scale, it has a whole lot more functions.  It lets you set up profiles for at least 8 people . My hubby actually set it up, because I have been so busy working. It was very easy to set up and all he did was take the plastic off, read the instructions and WA-lah it was done! It is very sleek and modern and resembles nothing like the old granny scale we used to own.

He set up a profile for himself, and I. It will calculate body  weight, body fat, bone density, muscle mass and hydration. It does work best when it is on a flat floor. I would not recommend it on carpet. The read outs and results from the scale have been accurate and easy to read. The scale is very easy to clean and the glass surface is beautiful with the metal contact plates. Just because it is a glass surface doesnt mean it is easy to break. My four year old has jumped on it, and it has withstood her crazy little self.

Overall I am super happy with this scale. Moderna and Ozeri products are worth the price.

The Case For Hope

I am a fan of Lee strobel. It started in undergrad school with a professor who said, God Is real. Read this book and find out for yourself. (the case for christ) So I wanted to read this book, because I have been down in the dumps lately and I need Hope. Hope is exactly what this book has given me and more. I suggest to anyone who needs a pick me up in life, or is going through some depression struggles read this book. It is amazing.

Ten Foot Long Iphone Cord




About the Cord
10 Foot Long iPhone iPad Charging Cord For iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPad Air, Mini & iPod – This EXTRA LONG Lightning Cable Is Constructed Of Braided Fabric & Is Guaranteed To Be More Durable Than Certified Apple Lightning Cords.

10 FOOT LONG lightning cable is super long to enable plenty of distance to use your Apple device while it’s charging.
THIS LIGHTNING cable is constructed of extremely durable braided fabric and is considered to be more durable than all other Apple charging cables available
GUARANTEED TO work with Apple iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus without any issue
GUARANTEED TO work with Apple iPad, mini, mini 2, mini 3, iPad Air, Air 2, iPad
GUARANTEED TO work with Apple iPod, nano and touch.

EyeLash Enhancer

Are You Ready To Get Sexy, Natural Lashes?No more of those false eyelashes that *GASP* everyone can tell are fake. No more of the uncomfortable feeling of glue; and itching, scratching unnatural lashes. No more of feeling insecure as your genetically lucky friends have natural and beautiful eyelashes. Just no more!What mascara are you using? What beauty salon are you going to? When did you get eyelash extensions? These are the questions you will be getting used to. The funny thing is, they are not asking the right ones.Beautonics has released the most advanced serum on the market! Here are the typical results our consumers’ eyelashes have experienced:
– Longer
– Thicker
– Fuller
– Darker
– Sexier!
Your lashes are about to make your eyes pop out! Your eye color will be enhanced and more glamorous.

Newest And Most Up-To-Date Formula! Our serum has only plant based ingredients, none of those chemicals that are secretly killing you.. *Shhh*
– Aqua
– Isatis Tinctoria Seed Extract
– Nigella Sativa Seed Extract
– Biota Orientalls Leaf Extract
– Terminalia Chebula Extract
– Polygonum Multiflorum Root Extract
– Corallina Officinalis Extract
This is what is in our serum; nothing more, nothing less. Your eyelashes are now vegan, you’re welcome.



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Detox Colon Total Body Cleanse



DETOX COLON: A colon detox is a necessary part of any diet or weight loss program. A normal digestive system tract stores excess debris that needs to be removed. Our proprietary formula helps remove this debris by restoring the “good” bacteria in you digestive tract. Overall you will feel be lighter, cleaner, and less heavy after you take our natural colon detox cleanse.
TOTAL BODY CLEANSE: Our proprietary blend of detox colon and body cleanse is rich in antioxidants and loaded with a variety of all natural ingredients. This cleanse will not only remove debris from the lower intestines but also eliminate toxins throughout your entire body. After your body has eliminated these damaging toxins you will feel an increase in daily energy levels and a boost in your metabolism.
DIGESTIVE SUPPORT: When food is not digested properly it will build up in intestines and lower colon. This cleanse will help improve daily digestion and eliminate constipation. By encourage daily bowl movements you will feel healthy and fresh.
MADE IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA: All of our products are formulated in a state of the art GMP certified and FDA registered certified facility. All product are Non-GMO & Gluten-FREE with No Lactose Soy Wheat Yeast or Fish.
MONEY BACK GUARANTEED: If you are not 100% satisfied you can ask for a full refund, no strings attached. There is no risk involved in buying this product.

I got to try this in exchange for an honest review for free or at a reduced cost

UpNature Eucalyptus Essential Oil

I have been experimenting with some essential oils lately, and the results are great! The girls are not getting sick, and that means we the parents are not getting sick either. Eucalyptus is another great oil with great properties and uses


By Using Eucalyptus Oil You Can Directly Enjoy The Following Health Benefits
? Refreshes the mind, invigorates the body and purifies the spirit.
? Helps in repairing damaged skin & provides a soothing sleep.
? Prevent colds – Applying eucalyptus oil to a cold sore may help reduce the pain and speed up the healing process.
? Treat respiratory problems & breathe much easier – Conditions such as asthma, bronchitis, COPD, pneumonia, sinusitis and even tuberculosis can be relived simply by inhaling steam with added Eucalyptus Oil.
? Dental health – Eucalyptus Oil exhibits antibacterial properties against tooth decay causing bacteria.
? Pain relief – Eucalyptus Oil may be beneficial for pain relief and/or useful to athletes as a passive form of warm-up.
? Hair Nourishment – Just a tiny few drops of Eucalyptus Oil will give your hair a nice moisturizing pick-me-up.
? Spot Remover – Eucalyptus oil is highly effective at removing spots on your carpet, clothes and basically every fabric you have in the house. It even works to get gum off your shoes!






I did get this in exchange for an honest review at a free or reduced price.

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