Shed some Pounds!

So an exciting new product is out there! Slimquick Pure is an extra strength drink mix. I am so excited I got to try this out. We are going to Disney next week, and have any of you guys been before? This will be our very first time. My best friend planned the trip and she is an amazing Disney planner! That will be another blog post soon. However, We have the free dining plan.

She has shown me photos of the yummy looking food. One item I am SOOO looking forward to is the All you can eat crab legs and a nutella waffle sandwich with lots of fresh fruit. I am sure I will be able to walk the weight and food off. However, I want some extra assurance.

Slimquick, will be packed in my bag for the day and I plan on letting my friend try some too.

SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Mixed Berries Drink Mix is designed for women to help them lose 3 times the weight by addressing the 6 physical reasons women have trouble losing weight.

SLIMQUICK Pure works to
-Increase Metabolism
-Reduce Appetite
-Boost Energy
-Reduce Excess Water
-Support Hormones
-Reduce Stress

When you taste our Mixed Berries flavour you won’t believe it has 0 calories, but it does! You can pop a SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Drink Mix packet into your water bottle, or stir one up when you need a tasty weight-loss boost! SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Drink Mix packets are ready to go wherever you go!

Rest assured SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Drink Mix contains natural ingredients like antioxidants, calcium, vitamin D and BioPure Green Tea™.

SLIMQUICK Pure Extra Strength Drink Mix has isolated the fat-burning component in green tea that speeds up your metabolism. It is called BioPure Green Tea™ and it has been shown in a published clinical study to help overweight women lose 3 times a the weight versus dieting alone, in just 13 weeks.

Slimquick is an amazing product. Im sure it will be on the shelves soon, but if you can not wait go to and purchase some today!


Android Box

I have not written anything in awhile that isn’t geeky. Kids, summer, and other items take up my time . I will be on the hunt for an Iphone to word press app soon. When I get settled into bed every night, my mind goes wild. I come up with all these good posts, but I’m too snuggled to get out a piece of paper. My phone is within arms reach, so maybe.. just maybe I could get some of these good writings up here. I at least think they are good writings.

For about a year I have been playing around with an Android box. There are many brands of these boxes out there and you can certainly build one yourself. On a whim I purchased a Matricom box. It is amazing. It is apart of the #FreeYourTV revolution that is going around.


When you get it out of the box, it certainly has some some “channels” or as we techies call it repos. However to get the good stuff, you manually have to add these repos to the box itself. It takes some time and figuring out how to do this. When I say time, I been tinkering for almost a year now . I am still not done.

So from time to time you will see me blog about the trials and revolutions about this box that I absolutely love!

G-Box MX2 is capable of delivering up to 1080p full HD resolutions which is perfect for gaming and watching your favorite movies with it’s integrated Mali-400 graphics processor. Whether you’re playing your favorite 3D games, streaming free TV or watching a movie, the G-Box MX2 is ready to deliver.

That is  just a short description of the box, and that is not all that it is capable of.

If you have this box, what are your favorite repos?

Summer is Fun, But Sucks For Your Skin!

This summer has been amazing. We moved to the beach about three years ago from a small nothing to do town. We moved for so many reasons, and family is a huge factor. My husband has four sisters that live in the beach area. We decided we wanted our little ones to live and grow up around their cousins.

At first I hated living down here. This year has been the best! It may be because I didn’t have to work this summer and enjoyed every minute with my little kiddos. We stayed busy! We went to see our friends in the mountains, we had numerous visitors and family over and spent lots of time at the pool.

My little ones have the cute Coppertone booty’s to prove it. This was really the first year, I have gotten a small tan. My legs don’t tan worth a flip , but my upper body and face are rocking a glow.  The one thing I don’t like about being in the sun is how dry  my skin gets.

So when Oz naturals asked me about reviewing one of their skin care products , I was excited. It really is like a miracle in a bottle! It has so  many benefits! Best of all , it is natural and organic!


  • CLINICAL STRENGTH anti aging, anti wrinkle serum (no cream) is proven to plump skin & fill in those fine lines and wrinkles.
  • CRUELTY FREE, vegan hyaluronic acid serum does not contain alcohol, parabens or sulfates and is safe for all skin types – This hyaluronic acid serum for your face is an extremely effective anti aging, anti wrinkle treatment.
  • MADE IN THE USA in a state of the art FDA registered facility – OZ Naturals formulates the most effective anti aging products on the market – OZ Naturals products work & they work extremely well – This HA serum will provide your skin a more youthful appearance upon 1st use – We guarantee you’ll get results or your money back.
  • MADE IN THE USA in a state of the art FDA registered facility – OZ Naturals formulates the most effective anti aging products on the market – OZ Naturals products work & they work extremely well – This HA serum will provide your skin a more youthful appearance upon 1st use – We guarantee you’ll get results!
  • NATURAL & ORGANIC hyaluronic acid serum is considered to be the highest quality HA serum on the market.
  • THIS HYALURONIC ACID SERUM is guaranteed to give you that dewy, moisture boost needed to achieve that youthful glow & is proven to reduce skin’s fine lines and wrinkles.


About the Brand

OZ Naturals is a top seller on and its easy to understand why.

Co-Founder and Certified Esthetician, Angela Irish launched OZ Naturals as a company that embodies everything she’s passionate about — healthy skin, anti-aging, natural ingredients, and utilizing the latest technology to formulate the highest quality skin care products on the market.

Utilizing her personal experience of skin issues, that she understands that when your skin is unhealthy it can negatively affect your self-esteem. After try tons of products over the years she was always left with the same skin issues as before. Sometimes even worse than before. Angela knows how disheartening this can be, especially when so many skin care products make huge claims, and simply do not deliver. It’s especially frustrating when the cost of those products are hardly affordable, and you realize once again that you’ve wasted your money.

While it’s true that beautiful skin is also hereditary, healthy skin comes from taking care of the inside and outside of our bodies. However, finding the right products for your skin can be the toughest part of the equation. This is why OZ Naturals was founded, to create healthy, premium skin care products to help those who weren’t naturally born with perfect skin, to obtain more perfect skin. The kind of skin that everyone deserves to have.

This has been a sponsored post, but its my opinion 100%

Emma’s New Friend…. Cayla



We got a chance to review a neat new toy out there on the market. It is a doll that you can actually talk to  like a real friend! You can ask her questions like , “what is your name, how deep is the ocean, how do you spell certain words, addition and math problems. Cayla can also play games, share photos, and read stories to your little one.

Cayla works with Bluetooth technology and she is super easy to set up.She is Android and Apple compatible. Cayla connects to her app within a range of 30ft. She comes with easy step by step photo instructions and they have even more additional help on their main website.  All you do is  download the app to your phone or tablet. You turn Cayla on, wait for the beep that she is connected and she is ready to talk away with your little one! Also if you forget to turn Cayla off, she will beep every once and while to let you know “she is ready for sleep” .



My little girl had a ball with Cayla. My daughter attends speech therapy twice a week, and she has select mutism. Cayla has actually been a great help for this! She has asked Cayla lots of questions and Cayla answers them in a clear and understanding voice. Cayla is actually helping my daughter with her speech. My little one loves the fact she came with a little hair brush and a mirror. My daughter brushes her hair and Cayla tells her a story. Cayla has been a little wonder toy around here lately!

image1(1)One major question I am sure people will be worried about. Is Cayla internet safe? Can she be hacked in to? Does she say bad words?

Cayla comes with a software system called ViOLET, and it prevents any conversations that involve any nasty words or inappropriate topics. In addition, no additional website links, or images will appear on the smart device and there can be no data mining for personal information. Any word or phrase can be manually blocked.

The interface is self explanatory and super easy to use. I’m sure older girls would not have a problem using it, however my four year old needed some help. We enjoyed and still are enjoying Cayla.



If you want more information on where to purchase your own Cayla, follow the links below! Once you purchase Cayla, the application is free to download!





Twitter: @myfriendcayla

Darcy Ripper

I love late nights, when I have a random thought and it leads me into this journey of the webs. A friend had asked me something or another about checking links on his site, and I told him to download the whole website itself. Check it yourself. Never rely on computers.

Here is a nice screenshot.

Darcy Ripper makes it possible for you to view every step of your download process. This means that you can visualize any URL that is being accessed or any resource that has been processed/downloaded. Unlike most any other tools, this feature makes it possible for you to notice if something is not working as you expected it and you may stop the process and remedy the issue. Besides the real-time presentation of the download process, Darcy is able to remember and offer to you statistics regarding all your download processes.



Now.. Go have fun.


Tori Amos

Hey Guys , guess what came out yesterday! Tori Amos has released under Rhino Records remastered versions of two of her past albums Little Earthquakes (1992) and Under The Pink (1994).  Each will be available to purchase as 2xCD sets with bonus discs including B-side, rarities and live tracks, and also on vinyl (for the first time ever in the U.S.)


I already have them both, and they are such classics of Tori’s to listen to!
 If you want to purchase your own, I left some links you can click on to and order away. I am not getting compensated if you click on any link. I did however get two free copies of the cd to review and listen to. I have always been a Tori Amos fan and obliged very quickly!


If you have never listened to Tori, she is an awesome singer filled full of soul and life. If you have listened to  her music, but never been to a concert, GO . I went once with my father, and it was amazing. One tip, always stay after the show and when the majority of the people leave, Tori will walk through the crowd! She is such a truly amazing, gifted and kind artist!

New Attractions in Myrtle Beach!



The Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center is the best value in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. When was the last time you walked the red carpet with an A-List star or stepped into the spotlight with Hollywood royalty? At the Hollywood Wax Museum, you’ll get the chance to pose with your favorites while learning about their pets, pet peeves and accomplishments. Bring your adoring fans (friends & family) for fun photo opportunities! Are You the Chosen One? Find your way through the hidden corridors and save Princess Hannah in Hannah’s Mirror Maze. You’ll need to make your way through 288 potential turns among hundreds of mirrored walls and archways while watching out for surprise curses from Ugly Hetty. It’s a modern-day fairy tale, where you’ll get lost and come out smiling! And finally, in Outbreak, you must stop a worldwide viral attack. Chemacorp might mean well with Alpha Strain, but the gene-altering substance turns humans into zombies. Shriek your way through the ransacked lab and rotting basement where zombie infection is rampant and aerosol attacks are unpredictable. Contain your fear? No way!



My Readers receive $3 OFF PICK 3 PASS –
Please visit for more information.

Additional Information for Blog:
Tickets link:

The Eyes Always Tell the Secrets

I remember sitting on my grandfathers porch listening to his endless stories of the war. He would give me a hammer and tell me to nail down all the pop ups on the wrap around front porch he built before I was born. Pops always had his specific spots. When you went up to the house from the road, you could see him sitting on the far right corner in a wooden rocking chair. If grandma was in a good mood and they didn’t fight like cats and dogs, she would be right beside him.  You would usually see me sitting on the steps or playing in the wood pile with hammer and nails, rolling up and down the cement basement steps, or frolicking in my make shift pool which happened to be a broken jacuzzi. It worked just fine and made me happy at the time.

Usually he was quiet when no one was there. He just stared and rocked with the wind. He always had his attention to the end of the road. I assume he liked watching the cars go by. He would always tell me my dad was home, and I would say, “Ok” and keep going. I was never interested in going home early, because I was already at home. See, I spent my summers there. I would cry the last day of school and be super happy the next.

Mom would drop me off at grandmas before she went to work. I would come into the house, still in pajamas, and go watch the morning news with pops. Good Ole Wral, with Greg Fishel. After the news, I watched Bob Ross paint his masterpieces  and then Bill Cosby with his Mortimer pen. Sometimes I would sneak upstairs and watch The Monkeys on the old black and white TV. I secretly had a crush on one of them.

Later on that day, I would always follow him somewhere. He would teach me how to make wreaths from old grape vine leaves in the fall. He would teach me what snakes would bite me and what ones to not kill.

I followed him around a lot.. I always looked at his eyes . I respected that man almost more than my father. He taught me things my father should have taught me. My dad did work a lot and was tired all the time, and pissy for the most part.

The times I loved the most was him in the rocking chair and him telling me war stories. He always talked about Manila. They would send children out with bombs in their hands towards the American soldiers.  He loathed the boat ride he was taking to Japan, and thankfully the war got called off and he sailed back to us unarmed.

I always say the pain in his eyes as he stared off into the woods. I often wondered what he was searching for.. salvation? answers? or clues to make that whole experience go away. I know the war affected him. It affects everyone. He never talked about bad dreams or told anyone he had any. He was a tall 6 foot 5 built stocky fella with overhauls wearing the same straw hat with the green plastic visor on it. He always kept his pocket watch in his bibs, and I always looked at it too.

Thanks Pop for your generation of fighters in WW2. My children are safe and sound being protected by the next generation of heroes.

War is something , not many can push out the back of their minds. The eyes always tell the secrets whether the person wants to or not.

Jesus Daily

Recently, I have come across a book I have enjoyed. It is not my usual genre , and my religion is usually something I keep under wraps. However, I do want to share this book with you. I have been looking for a daily scripture type of book. I have not been able to find one that is interesting or even I could understand. I came across Jesus Daily by Aaron Tabor. I received this copy as a review .


JESUS DAILY presents scripture for every day of the year as well as short online missions, challenging readers to engage with other believers using a variety of social media tools.

The devotional started on Facebook , and gained a huge following 26 million users and likes!

Tabor_JesusDaily_Hi Res-1


This devotional goes beyond the Facebook page and creates a deeper experience for multi-million fans of the popular group Jesus Daily by using the author’s posts, fans’ comments and questions, and responses. The author will explore recurring themes found on the page such as:


  • Jesus is our #1 friend
  • Jesus is my relationship, not my religion
  • Jesus is my hero
  • Prayer is always the answer
  • Jesus is coming back for me
  • I’m proud to be a Christian
  • With Jesus all things are possible


Creative design elements and interactive activities will make this devotional truly one-of-a-kind.



Aaron Tabor, MD, is the CEO and Medical Research Director of Physicians Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a nationally recognized diet and nutrition company. He started the Jesus Daily Facebook page in 2009. A graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Dr. Tabor lives in Kernersville, N.C.


Jesus Daily

365 Interactive Devotions

By Aaron Tabor

ISBN: 9781455577231

384 Pages



October 21, 2014

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